Hi, I am sure you all want skin, which speaks for your appearance and complexion. How about familiarizing your body with the benefits of Vitamin C and its usage, both externally (by application) and internally (by consumption).  Your benefits will be clearly visible from the word go and your man would have no option but to keep praising your lovely skin. 


Not many know that scientifically Vitamin C is also called absorbic acid and most skin care cosmetics today include Vitamin C as an ingredient for effective skin care. Vitamin C is a very important component of all types of skin all along the body. Consumption of inadequate Vitamin C could lead to weakening of the gums and bleeding for the mouth. We however are to concentrate on external appearance and inform you of the advantages associated with Vitamin C for your facial Appearance.

Today cosmetics are heavily loaded with Vitamin C to effetely combat facial skin damage and wrinkles. Well, now the next question on your mind will be how do I get Vitamin C effectively into my skin? Consumption would have better long term effects. Your diet should be Vitamin C rich Fruits like oranges, lemons, limes and grapes are very rich in Vitamin C Content;, similarly vegetables like peppers, all types of greens and both red and green chili are a valuable source of Vitamin C. In a medicated form your consumption should be roughly 90-95 GMs (max). For direct results you can apply is as a cosmetic product, it could be anything; for example your best Vitamin C serum.

All you need to make sure is that the Vitamin C does not get oxidized by too much exposure to the atmosphere. You product also needs to by very concentrated and should be acidic to penetrate deep into your skin and be effective at the same time. An indication of your cream getting oxidized is the fact it turns brown around the area of the cap. You could possibly try a topical cream that is sufficiently rich in Vitamin C. For your product to be effective it should contain at least 5%-10% Vitamin C.

So Girls this is the best Vitamin C serum that you can find in Korea, its usage and benefits are highly appreciated by its users.  The product contains a pure form of Vitamin C (20%) which is higher as compared to other products you generally purchase. The advantages of using this product are elimination of blackheads, fighting signs of acne, anti-ageing and protection and softening of the facial skin. The OST best Vitamin C Serum is a very useful exfoliating agent as it eliminates dead skin, removes facial scars and tightens pores to prevent them from getting clogged.


Here are 5 secret tips for maximizing the best vitamin C serum effects only for you. So, if you are looking for the best vitamin C Serum and want to get a flawless and clear skin, please check and follow these tips and find a brighter and younger skin you have always wanted.

1) If you wanna see the fastest effect on acne and severe scars.
: Apply the Pure Vitamin C21.5 Serum to the trouble scars. Then, you could get the fastest effect of calming troubles and caring acne scars quickly with high concentrated premium Vitamin C serum.  

2) If you are concerned about Sensitive skin or Oily skin with Acne scars.
: Use the Pure Vitamin C21.5 Serum mixed with the Rich Moist Soothing Serum (Sensitive Skin =1:1 , Oily Skin = 2:1). Then you could relieve the little stinging feeling(It is a natural response of the pure vitamin ingredient) and moisten your skin without an oily feeling.

3) If you are concerned about your dull skin tone with dark spots.
: Use the Pure Vitamin C21.5  Serum and then, apply the Vitamin Sleep Cream on it. This regime gives the same effect as doing a vitamin facial pack.  It maximizes the vitamin C effects, so you could brighten the skin tone and relieve dark spots as well.

4) If you are concerned about rough skin with large pores.
: Use the Pure Vitamin C21.5  Serum and apply the Pore Tightening Pack on it. If you take care like this, Not only you could tighten large pores, but also get smoothened and softened skin after that.

5) If you are concerned about the dull skin tone and tired looking dry skin.
: Use the Pure Vitamin C21.5  Serum and apply the Rich Moist Soothing Mask over it. As you know, the combination of vitamin C & hyaluronic acid is great for healthy looking skin. This match enables the tired skin to get the total skin care effect – the both of skin whitening and enough moisturing.


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