Do You Need Vitamin C?


For years people have been sprouting the positive health benefits of vitamin C and most of these claims are true. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for humans as we are one of the few species of life on the planet who cannot produce it internally and therefore need to get it externally from our diet. Other species that cannot produce vitamin C include bats, guinea pigs, monkeys and a large south American rodent known as the capybaras.

Vitamin C plays a number of essential roles within the human body, being involved in the immune system, metabolic processes, working as an anti oxidant and where we are concerned as a vital enzyme which is needed for the production of collagen within the skin. Its collagen producing qualities are clearly noted when we have a lack of Vitamin C within our diet that leads to scurvy. Used topically on the skin Vitamin C helps to increase collagen production, boost the immune system and soak up free radicals as well due to its anti oxidant activity.

vitamin c serums
The one problem with Vitamin C though is that it is very acidic and therefore has a relatively low pH compared to the skin. This acidity can cause irritation and inflammation which can lead to other skin concerns.  It also means that for anybody with any pre existing skin irritation or inflammation vitamin C is a no no. Such skin concerns include dermatitis, rosacea, eczema and acne. Using vitamin C on these skin conditions will often make them worse and care must be taken to settle down the skin first before adding vitamin C onto these skin types.




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